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Our Story

Diamond Center Inc. was established in 1981, after my father Yacoub Chamsi immigrated to Los Angeles California from Damascus, Syria. The initial intention of the business was to operate on a wholesale level supplying large size white and natural fancy color diamonds to the jewelers and diamond dealers between Los Angeles and Antwerp, Belgium.

In 1986, wanting to teach me more about the business, my father drew on his 40 award winning years as the top jewelry designer of Syria, and we decided to open a retail jewelry booth in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. From him I learned the artistry of design, how to be meticulous and precise with manufacturing, and most important a high standard of ethics and customer service.

From then, on I have truly enjoyed making unique, well crafted, pieces of jewelry, catering to customers ranging from a hard working construction worker to Mr. Stevie Wonder, whom I had a great pleasure of working with during my first years in the business, all of whom are very important to me.

In 1995 I married the girl of my dreams, Maria. After receiving her Bachelors Degree the only thing she wanted to do is work side by side with me creating jewelry. She has developed her own unique style and enjoys spending time with every customer, whether they are looking for a $300 or well over $250,000 piece. Every day, we have been enjoying the smiles on your faces, the Oooohs, the Ahhhhhs, and all of the kind letters. Together we have helped thousands of customers with their special orders, keeping a flawless record. And have enjoyed every moment of it.

Our customers are more than consumers, they are our friends, and for that, we are blessed.
Samer Chamsi

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